ICICI Bank Private Limited

ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian multinational bank and
financial services company headquartered in Mumbai. The bank has a network of 5500 branches and 15,589 ATMs across India.


Limited Data Accessibility

Bank employees struggled to access crucial information quickly, with important data scattered across multiple systems and databases.

Lack of Comprehensive Analysis

The fragmented nature of data inhibited comprehensive analysis, making it difficult for the bank to gain valuable insights.

Limited Customer Visibility

Customer-facing employees faced difficulties due to limited visibility, hindering their ability to deliver personalized and efficient service.

Performance Tracking Challenges

The absence of a centralized system to track team performance metrics made it challenging for ICICI Bank to assess and optimize branch performance. 

Our solution encompassed the following key features

Automated Report Updation

We automated the process of updating reports, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Unified Reporting App

We developed a single, integrated app that showcased all the reports in an intuitive UI, providing easy access to crucial information.

Customizable Reports

Our solution allowed the option to showcase only necessary fields, ensuring that users could focus on the information most relevant to their roles.

Real-time Notifications

Users received timely notifications whenever reports were updated, ensuring they were always up-to-date with the latest information

Intelligent Dashboards

We developed intuitive dashboards that provided comprehensive and visual representations of key metrics, empowering managers with actionable insights.

Tale of Success


ICICI aligns its field team with URVA for sales planning and field workforce optimization
Case Study

Key Successes with URVA

In less than a year since deployment, the ICICI Bank team has experienced


Increase in ROI


Decrease in errors while scheduling reports


Less Time taken by BMs to check reports

Benefits and Outcomes

Enhanced Efficiency

Bank employees experienced improved productivity and efficiency, with automated processes, streamlined workflows, and centralized data access. Informed 


Comprehensive reporting and real-time insights empowered managers to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and improve branch performance. 

Improved Performance Tracking

The centralized system provided accurate and up-to-date performance metrics, enabling ICICI Bank to track, measure, and optimize team performance effectively. 

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