Support your customers with a superior Whatsapp CRM

Manage your entire team’s business WhatsApp communications in one simple and unified platform.

Trusted by 45000+ users worldwide

Do you use different platforms for all customer communication?

Use Urva connect to unify all conversations and save customer-related information in the same platform.

Is your customer complaining about not getting a reply on time?

This unified platform is easy and handy which can be used from any place at any time and your customer doesn’t have to wait.

Do you lose customer information and context when RM moves on?

Never lose any customer or context of the conversation even when people move out with Whats based CRM.

Why do you need a whatsapp CRM?

All your customers are on WhatsApp. Customers ALWAYS check and reply on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp based CRM helps you in maintaining customer relations. It’s easy to connect multiple customers at the same time and there being consistent in connection there are more chances of getting extra business. You’ll have all your customer information in one place.

How does URVA CONNECT help in Whatsapp CRM?

in Whatsapp Chats

Automatically capture WhatsApp chats with details into CRM and share business chat history with your entire team.

customer service

If the assigned RM is on leave or exits the company, the next RM can still access all the information and start conversation from where it was last left.

Quick responses

You can have a list of frequently asked questions and set templates for each one of them. Just one click will reduce your response time and will increase your team's productivity by saving time.

Run WhatsApp
Automation and

Send smart auto-replies based on conditions, setup WhatsApp triggers.

Takes private

The team can keep a track of customer conversations through privately written notes in software for future reference.

Provides one point
of contact

Existing or new, any customer can reach out to your business manager through a single contact number and get assigned to your team.

Keep All Conversations in sync

How URVA makes different?

  • Easy to sync customer data with CRMs
  • No loss of customer information after RM resigns
  • Constant track of tasks & performances
  • Measure response time with details
  • Voice and Video call can be done from same platform
  • No customer information is compromised

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