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Spend no time on low-value tasks

Let your reps concentrate on sales,
while we do the chores.

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Goodbye Manual Work, Hello URVA

Life without
Sales Automation Software

Life with
URVA Sales Automation Software

Field Team

Keeping a track of my leads
is a nightmare (low productivity)

Spend more time talking to the right
prospects (Smart Work)

There is no track of upcoming tasks and
completed tasks (High TAT)

All the leads prioritized and routed to
(Zero Lead Leakage)

I am wasting too much of time on
planning (Rigid process)

Sales people sailing smoothly through
the day(High Productivity)

Managers & Leadership

There is no real time visibility to manage
my team effectively (Low productivity)

Managers can change manage teams on
the go (Smart Work)

I spends too much time in briefing he sales
team (Low effciency)

Enable sales team to plan the day on their own (Employee Delight)

I wish I could take faster decisions with
right reports (Low productivity)

Spend more time taking right decisions with
all the reports at your finger tip (Smart Work)

No missed sales opportunities. Guaranteed

How does URVA Sales Force Automation
Software help?


Make route plans for your sales reps, and plan their visits to specifc locations on predefined dates.


Get real-time location of your employees, know the customers visited on a particular day, along with the time spent.


With transparent and organized customer information, field sales people can reach out to prospect quickly and easily.


Save administrative time and effort, keep track of field sales employee's working hours.

Activities &

Managers can assign tasks and targets to sales reps with priority and get the tasks done within deadlines.


Field reps can claim numerous types of expenses on the move, right from their smartphones.


Field sales reps can take orders on the go. No need to note it down using a paper and pen.


Easily share all important documents with everyone in the company. Field reps can access documents directly on their app.

Analytics and

No more waiting for sales managers to consolidate reports. Fetch your reports

Agent app for sales rep

  • Reduce time and save cost by using sales representative mobile app that works online and offine.

  • Navigate the sales rep through the most optimized route through route planner.

  • Share customer information, Track updates with instants alerts and task reminders.

Dashboard for Managers

  • Track your reps’ location, know routes and distance travelled.

  • Plan field reps’ tours and customer visits. Assign activities to team members.

  • Manage expense, attendance and leaves of field sales reps.

Analytics for Senior Leadership

  • Quickly access analytics and reports through mobile phones on voice search.

  • View visual reports which are easy to analyze and make decisions faster.

  • Speed up the decision making process of adopting new strategies.

Get fully white labeled sales agent app and web dashboards with your logo and branding with options for custom features and integrations.

Minimum 2 days required for complete implementation.

Extend the functionalites of your sales force automation software in minutes

Get 24/7 technical support and a dedicated account manager to deal with all of your issues instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Case Studies

Companies all over the world use URVA Sales Force Automation
to empower their teams, and grow better. Learn how.

The global company with over 10,000 employees followed a traditional approach to monitor the sales team’s activity. FeetPort provided a digital alternative that helped improve efficiency.

The manual data entry decreased the efficiency and led to various errors. FeetPort digital audit forms and GPS based intelligence reduced the dependency on manual systems.

Recording the correct information and maintaining all the details was a challenge. FeetPort provided a solution that eliminated the need for paper and improved technician efficiency.

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