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Are you overwhelmed by complexity of your KYC and customer onboarding process?

in Whatsapp Chats

Automatically capture WhatsApp chats with details into CRM and share business chat history with your entire team.

customer service

If the assigned RM is on leave or exits the company, the next RM can still access all the information and start conversation from where it was last left.

Quick responses

You can have a list of frequently asked questions and set templates for each one of them. Just one click will reduce your response time and will increase your team's productivity by saving time.

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Maxlife with Urva

Our team of field verifiers pan India struggled to verify the status of the customers. All the records were saved on papers with no ground updates and unproductive resource management

  • Centralized control, reporting and hierarchy management for case allocation across agencies
  • FOS app with digital report linked on platform
  • All media docs captured are stored in the server not in FOS device data security of important documents

Our operations involve contract signing for the driver’s onboarding. Our field staff visited drivers for contract signing and on boarding. This process was very time consuming and it was affecting our productivity.

  • The contract signed is digitally and it maintained time stamp
  • Using URVA Comply, our on boarding count improved from 52% to 78%
  • Customised workflows and reporting has made it easier for management to sign off the documents faster

Get your KYC cases done safer, faster, and more efficiently