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Better Activity Management, Improved Sales, And Drive

Meet the features of Urva
Service to deliver speedy and efficient field service


Give field employees the app they need to operate freely

Simple mobile application

Empower field workers to successfully complete work orders, get customer signature, provide pricing estimate and much more.

View tasks on the fly

Service team can view all tasks for a given day in an easy view, set meetings on the calendar, and schedule recurring, one-time tasks and reminders.

Easy route planning

Your teams have the option to see the most optimal route
for the work assigned to them with integrated Google
maps, Road & Traffic APIs.

Fast tasks on digital job sheets

Easy to use forms with text fields, photo capture, audio
recording, video recording, and digital signature;
everything can be part of your records.

Better TAT with tracker

TAT tracker lets you glance over the tickets approaching deadline and if you are away, it sends alerts and notifications.

Accessible product catalog

Update latest parts and product catalogs and other files to share with customers. Centrally save all the updated information accessible to everyone.

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Simple attendance and expense

Facial recognition and geolocation ensure hassle-free clock-
ins. Scan your bills into photos, save and submit them

Quick estimate calculator

Your technician can create an estimate based on product or service needs and according to customer preference before
the delivery of service.

Know your customer

Access critical customer information, including contacts, communication history, and more — from insights engage
well with them.

Help managers priortize tasks &
plan tasks efficiency


Quick Service task assignment

With intelligent scheduling, tasks are automatically assigned to the right resource based on time, skills, location, and business rules.

Easy Location intelligence

It is easy to plan routes, view to activity by location, track task progress, analyse travel, device intelligence and more.

Simplified dashboards

Eliminate manual steps by auto assigning routes and tasks and create beat plans for your teams, simplify the day plans.

Easy reports and dashboards

Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone can create, access your reports from anywhere.

Time saving process automation

Automate any business process with simple drag-and-drop.
Setup smart auto-allocation with autobot that shall decide
who to allocate the work.

TAT Tracker

TAT tracker helps you glance over the tickets approaching deadline and take necessary action. Moreover you get
alerts when the deadline is closer.

Intelligent Geotag and Geofence

All customers locations are geotagged so that you have every ticket stored along with its detailed location. Geofencing
ensures your team visits the right place, every time.

Give Senior Leadership Insights
to take faster decisions


Productivity Management

Capture and track performance metrics important to your business. Improve performance accuracy with complete field picture.

Analytics and Reports

Keep a real-time view of the health of your business. Stay up to speed on your team’s TAT, auto-schedule reports, and get notifications.

Customer Service and Retention

Have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts and customer communications and create a brand you love.

Virtual Performance Assistance

Everyone get answers(voice search) instantly on reports, sales numbers and more. We’ve taken artificial intelligence out of the lab to help you get quick answers.

Don’t worry we’ ll help you find solutions for every business challenge.