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Accelerating & Digitizing
Sales Process

Jaguar needed an innovative tool to track the location, time spent, and distance traveled by the sales reps during the field. They wanted to ensure accurate management of the sales team, great execution experience for the customers, along with streamlined expense management.

Steamlining Medical Reps and
Driving Revenue

Nector Biopharma was looking for a platform that will help the
Area Managers to streamline tasks of the Medical representatives
in their respective regions. They wanted to reduce manual records,
disjointed field reports and visibility of teams performance.


to Scale

Vodafone ran an audit program of Vodafone mPesa merchants to check the training, compliance, and branding. To bring audit operations under a single umbrella. Vodafone needed an adaptable and easy solution to use. With URVA, workflows are streamlined and efficient.

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