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Customer engagement platform, 360° view solutions

🤝 Customer & Lead 360

Elevate engagement with URVA’s 360° Customer & Lead View. Sync seamlessly, secure data, and optimize processes with versatile forms. Reach new heights in customer interaction.

360° Customer & Lead View

Get a holistic view of contacts and interactions, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Seamless CRM Sync & Bulk Upload

Effortlessly synchronize data with your CRM and streamline processes with bulk data uploads.

Secure Data Mapping to Users

Ensure data security by mapping information to authorized users, keeping your valuable insights protected.

Versatile Forms for Every Need

From onboarding to order management, our flexible forms empower you to handle various processes efficiently.

Interaction tracking tools, Efficient communication monitoring

📞 Communication Tracking

Easily track interactions with URVA’s comprehensive tools. Utilize click-to-call, call logging, feedback collection, and call recording for efficient communication.

Effortless Communication Tracking

Keep tabs on every interaction with comprehensive click-to-call, call logging, feedback, and recording features

Click-to-Call Convenience

Initiate calls seamlessly with a single click, enhancing communication efficiency.

Valuable Feedback Collection

Gather valuable feedback after calls to enhance customer understanding and service improvement.

Precise Call Recording

Record calls for accurate records and quality assurance purposes.


📅 Meeting Tracking

Enhance meetings with URVA’s tools – efficient planning, time tracking, geotagging insights, and advanced geofencing – for improved efficiency and context-awareness

Effective Planning Tools

Enhance your planning process with intuitive tools that help you organize tasks and allocate resources efficiently.

Time Tracking Made Simple

Easily monitor time spent on tasks, ensuring effective time management across your operations

Geotagging for Location Insight

Gain valuable location insights by attaching geotags to tasks and interactions, improving context and analysis.

Enhanced Geofencing Capabilities

Set virtual geographic boundaries to optimize tasks, alerts, and interactions within specific locations.

Dynamic goal setting, Goal monitoring software

🎯 Transparent Management

Monitor and achieve goals dynamically with URVA’s Transparent Management. Receive push notifications and access live dashboards for continuous self-improvement.


Performance Tracking with Goals

Monitor progress towards goals, ensuring alignment and motivating success across your team.

Dynamic Goal Setting

Set and adjust goals on-the-fly to adapt to changing priorities and evolving business needs.

Success Push Notifications

Celebrate achievements with instant push notifications, boosting morale and acknowledging accomplishments

Live Dashboards for Self-Assessment

Access real-time dashboards to evaluate your performance, fostering continuous improvement and self-awareness.

Transparent management tools

🔔 AI based Nudging

Boost performance with URVA’s AI – receive insights, and achieve success through data-driven recommendations and efficient suggestions.

Next Best Call Insights

Receive data-driven recommendations for your next call, ensuring effective customer engagement and informed conversations.

Optimized Meeting Suggestions

Get personalized suggestions for your next best meeting, enhancing efficiency and maximizing opportunities.

Profile Change Notifications:

Stay updated on customer profile changes, ensuring you’re always informed and prepared for interactions.

Smart Order Recommendations

Receive intelligent suggestions for the best order to take, optimizing sales and customer satisfaction.

Product insights platform, Resource access solutions

🛒 Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence Elevate insights with URVA’s Product Intelligence hub – access resources, secure data, and seamlessly share materials for impactful presentations.


Product Intelligence Hub

Access a centralized repository for product-related materials, ensuring quick and easy availability of collaterals and resources.

Updated Collateral Storage

Store and access the latest brand brochures and materials, ensuring your presentations are always up-to-date and impactful

Sensitive Info Security

Keep confidential information secure within the hub, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance.

Direct Sharing via Company Channels

Share materials seamlessly via connected company channels, ensuring effective distribution and consistency.

Custom communication channels

📲 Channels for All

 Tailored interfaces for roles – field teams get offline mobile app, leadership uses web app, and admin app supports technical personnel. Boost customer interactions with dedicated connected phone numbers.


Tailored Channels for All

Provide dedicated channels for every participant, ensuring effective communication tailored to their roles

Mobile App for Field Teams

Equip field teams with a mobile app offering offline support, allowing them to stay connected even without an internet connection.

Web App for Leadership

Offer a web app for leadership, enabling them to access crucial insights and information from their desktops.

Admin App for Technical Support

Provide an admin app for technical personnel to manage and maintain the system effectively.

List of Features That Come With Every URVA Account

Attendance & presence management

Keep track of who's working when and where, ensuring effective workforce coordination.

Route planning

Find the most efficient routes for your teams, saving time and ensuring prompt task completion.

Users & role management

Ensure proper access and tools for everyone by managing user roles effectively.

Fast forms for quick data collection

Access a convenient list of all team members for easy communication and collaboration.

Team directory

Have a handy list of everyone in our team to reach out to them easily.

API integration connectors

Seamlessly link different tools to enhance workflow by enabling smooth collaboration.

Communication triggers

Automatically send messages when specific events occur, ensuring everyone stays informed in real-time.

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