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URVA is Not a CRM, It's Beyond.

brings you the truth.

What you need to hear.

CRM brings you data entry.

What you want to hear.

brings you the full picture.

What you deserve to receive.

CRM brings you fragments.

What you regret in reviews.

brings you field intelligence.

All live, when you expect it.

CRM brings you excel dumps.

All later, when the time is gone.

URVA is a layer over a CRM

Your CRM

The final resting place of your customer interactions, whether in a software, or managed manually.

Information Intelligence

URVA starts off by collecting information from the source of the interaction.

Locational Intelligence

URVA builds on top of information with accuracy based on the geolocational & presence.

Communication Intelligence

URVA finally closes the loop with tagging all communication channels in real-time to ensure quality & consistency.

Bring transparency through management and see your teams boost productivity.

URVA is Field Sales Force Tracker


URVA automatically keeps a track of calls & messages, so that your teams focus on the real conversation.


URVA listens to geolocation signals all day, every day, so every meeting check-in and out makes you smarter than yesterday.


URVA makes sales  brochure sharing, order taking, lead capture, onboarding, everything real-time with its intelligent mobile app.  

Field Sales Force Tracker

automagically listens to 3 key activities that sales teams do.

Top five features in our Sales Force Tracker

Features that You Will Love to Use

360° Customer & Lead View

Gain a comprehensive understanding of contacts and interactions, equipping you with the insights needed for smarter decision-making.

Optimized Meeting Management

Elevate meetings with advanced planning tools, geotagging insights, and time tracking, ensuring efficiency and context-awareness for better outcomes.

Efficient Communication & Tracking

Seamlessly track interactions, from click-to-call convenience and call recording for improved service, to valuable feedback collection for continuous improvement.

Transparent Performance Management

Monitor goals dynamically, adapt targets on-the-fly, and receive push notifications for accomplishments, fostering continuous self-improvement.

AI-driven Insights & Recommendations

Boost performance with AI-driven recommendations, optimizing customer engagement through intelligent call suggestions, efficient meeting ideas, and smart order recommendations.

URVA solved all 4 of our problems, with 1 app - Manager
We got complete visibility of our sales vertical with URVA - Head (Field Sales Team)

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