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URVA chat makes things easy on your customers, and sets your teams up for success, and helps you keep your business in sync.


Make it easy for your customers

Omnichannel messaging

Connect your customers to relationship managers anytime, anywhere. The conversation stays connected, no matter how
they interact (over whats app, messaging, live chat, social, or emails).

Single point of contact

Customers can reach out to relationship manager on a single number and be assured of getting queries solved every time. There is no loss of communication with change of channel
or RM.

Personalize at scale

Since all the conversation from multiple channels is at one place, get the context each time. Even when RM leaves the organisation the customer conversation doesn’t.

Voice and video calling

Cloud calling for a seamless experience for customers and management. Video calls over familiar platforms like Zoom, Webex, Teams in a single click.

Set your teams up for success

Voice and video calling

Map relationship managers to customers. Make it easier for RM to track, prioritize, and respond to customers. Take actions and resolve!

One click update to CRM

Leverage built-in forms to collect critical details, complete customer profiles, KYC and other critical documentation. Update in the CRM in one click.

Auto escalations

Setup TAT for escalation at multiple levels in case the
request is not addressed immediately. Track and monitor

Private notes

Make it easier for teams to collaborate internally in unified workspace. Leave private notes to guide team members, participate in conversations.

Keep your business in sync

Measure performance

Make sense of the business with all actionable insights. Drill down performance dashboards for response time, closures etc.

No loss of customer information

There is no loss of information when a relationship manager is on leave or exits the company. All the conversations are on a single platform and easy to take over.

Powerful Integrations

URVA connect comes with ready to go APIs for syncing your customer data with CRMs. Chat and CRM is integrated hence helps customer profile can be updated from chat.

Safe customer experience

Save all the sensitive information within the platform. Screenshot is disabled. You can be assured no customer information will be lost or compromised on the platform

Bring your relationship management on one number