Accelerate efficiency with field service inspection software

URVA Comply is a field inspection software system that streamlines and standardises any inspection process by capturing accurate data, reducing risk and increasing operational efficiency. It offers full transparency for audits and inspections and you can mould this software according to your business’s specific needs and size.

URVA software is a unified storehouse for all your inspection data and reports, accessible from anywhere at any time. Field inspection software may be utilised anywhere in the field and is appropriate for high and low-volume inspections, audits, and inventory.

Managers at the office face several problems daily when it comes to processing information, managing leads or knowing the whereabouts of field workers.

Wrong location– The job sheets provided to the field employees only mention the customers’ addresses without the exact location. This often is why the driver reaches the wrong location and eventually decreases managers’ productivity by constantly calling until they get the accurate locations.

Monitoring of field employees – It becomes difficult for managers to monitor their field team. Real-life location and work updates of field employees are shared via Whatsapp. It is challenging to keep track of their attendance and reliability.

Unorganized storage – All the paperwork, job sheets, and different audit forms of multiple clients lead to the misplacement of documents. If one piece of information or copy gets lost by the managers, it’s a whole process of gathering that information again. 

Too much paperwork – Verifying one customer for a couple of things with so many documents means too much paperwork. Now imagine the same process for hundreds of clients. At the end of the day, it becomes hectic for the manager to update all the information and can quickly lose track. 

Fraud reports – With no system to know about the field workers’ work progress reports, it can usually provoke agents to make fake reports of the completion of assigned tasks or field visits. Leaving no room for cross-checking of information by the managers and updation of incorrect details. 

To get out of this loophole of mishandling information and customers, managers look for a way to digitalize every record and get real-time updates. URVA Field service inspection software provides solutions for all the issues that manager faces daily. This software enables you to track and monitor every piece of information ever collected by any field worker. You can take advantage of the features available in this software to improve your field service process. 

Routing and exact location– Verification agents get the accurate location of the customer on their GPS tracker, which helps them reach the right location and the shortest and fastest route available. Also, time tracking of every agent helps the managers to keep a check on them. 

Digital forms – URVA helps capture all the digital information formats instead of job sheets for the verification process. In this, there’s no data loss which also increases the authenticity of the data. 

Tasks assigned remotely – All the tasks and verification sheets can be assigned to the agent remotely, increasing their productivity. It saves extra travelling time and cost to and fro from the office to the customer’s location. 

Real-time dashboards view – Dashboards allow you to look at the real-time updates and overview of each task performed. You can access reports anytime from anywhere, add tasks, and keep a follow-up of the verification agents. With just one glance, you can review a lot of information. 

Know your customers – Customer documents available in the software by verification agents help you understand your customers’ needs. It allows you to create a good relationship with your customers as the message they convey reaches you without any loss or additional information through online feedback. 

If you get the hang of how to put these features to efficient use, you can see visible results within no time. With transparency, trust is built easily between managers, agents and customers. It improves the overall productivity of agents as they get proper recognition and appreciation for their efforts. You can measure the growth of your business and work on the issues that demand attention. URVA- Field service inspection software is an all-in-one platform you can trust for complete verification from one end to the other.