RRR: Learnings for Work from Naatu Naatu’s RRR

RRR has been an Indian pre-independence period action film📽 that has not only entertained but also inspired with its valuable workplace lessons. The film features an outstanding cast, a captivating storyline, and breathtaking visuals. The struggles of Ram & Bheem in RRR have taught us valuable lessons that we can apply in our workplaces, and motivate us to be better employees👨‍💻. Let’s explore some of the key🔑 positive workplace takeaways from RRR.


1. Collaboration is Key!

RRR provides a great example of collaboration in action. Ram Raju and Bheem, two brave freedom fighters with different ideologies, eventually unite to fight against their common enemy, the British Empire. Once they discover each others strengths and their goal being the same, they understand that collaboration is the key to their success, and that working together is more effective and they are able to achieve much more. A wonderful example of this is Ram looking out for Bheem and working together in the dance leading to Naatu Naatu.


2. Overcoming adversity

Ram & Bheem face numerous challenges, from societal norms to physical limitations, but they do not let these challenges stop them. For example, Ram Raju, who is handicapped towards the end by atrocities done on his legs, is not held back by his physical limitations, and instead uses his intelligence and resourcefulness to overcome challenges. He utilises that time to hone his arm strength! This teaches us the importance of resilience and perseverance in the workplace, as we must not let setbacks hold us back, but instead, face them with determination and move forward towards achieving our goals. Many a time, its a process in the organisation, we should always be finding solutions to adverse situations.


3. Accept Diversity

RRR features a diverse cast of characters, with different backgrounds and cultures. The film highlights the importance of inclusivity and acceptance of diversity. For example, the character of Bheem is a tribal leader from the forest, and his story represents the importance of acknowledging and embracing diverse backgrounds and cultures in the workplace. Many a time we notice people being discriminated against based on where they come from, or their skin tone, or the language or accent they speak. Let’s accept this as diverse strengths and use them to strengthen us.


4. Find a Mentor to guide you

In RRR, Ram Raju’s father is a mentor and guide , providing guidance and support to the young freedom fighter. His character helps Raju navigate the challenges he faces and provides him with the necessary tools to succeed. You may recollect, Ram reflecting back on his learnings from his young days and reliving and applying those learnings. This teaches us the importance of having a mentor or coach in the workplace. A mentor can provide valuable insights and support to help employees grow and develop in their roles. If someone can guide you and teach you how to ‘Load’, ‘Aim’ and ‘Shoot!’ then you will be set for all the challenges that life has in store.


5. Continuous learning and growth

Ram Raju and Bheem are constantly learning and adapting to new situations in their fight for freedom. They are open to new ideas and willing to learn from their experiences. For example, Raju learns about the power of voice when Bheem sings after receiving atrocities upon his body and uses it as a tool in his fight for freedom. This teaches us that continuous learning and growth are essential for personal and professional development. In the workplace, we should welcome challenges that push our skills to the maximum and enable us to learn, apply and adapt! It’s a good practice to seek out new opportunities to learn and grow, whether it be through training programs, mentorship, or on-the-job experiences. In conclusion, RRR is not just a film, but a source of inspiration for our workplaces. Its positive themes of collaboration, resilience, inclusivity, mentorship, and continuous learning can motivate us to be better employees and contribute positively to our workplaces.

At URVA, we welcome the spirit of RRR and its amazing characters which teach us such powerful lessons. We continue to learn from stories and cinema around us in our goal to create a diverse, healthy and collaborative workplace.