Simplifying Real Estate Sales Communication


As a sales executive in the real estate industry, you know that building relationships with clients, promoting properties, and closing deals are key to your success. However, with so many communication channels to manage, it can become overwhelming and negatively impact your productivity. URVA Connect offers a solution to these problems and acts as a game-changer for your sales process, especially compared to traditional WhatsApp CRM systems.

Problems faced by Sales Executives:

  • Difficulty in managing multiple communication channels (phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Lack of institutional memory when multiple team members handle customer communication
  • Difficulty in escalating important conversations to the right team member or manager
  • Difficulty in responding to clients quickly and efficiently
  • Keeping track of the calls and recording them
  • Managing multiple conversations at once

URVA Connect offers a better solution as an alternative to WhatsApp CRM. It streamlines your communication and improves your productivity.

One of the biggest challenges sales executives face is managing multiple communication channels. URVA Connect solves this problem by providing an omnichannel platform that integrates all your communication channels, including WhatsApp, into one centralized location. You can also manage other social media messaging channels like – Google Business Chat, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, and Voice & Video Calls.

Lack of institutional memory is another problem that sales executives often face. URVA Connect solves this problem by owning the experience from start to end and building institutional memory across all customer communication channels.

Responding to clients quickly and efficiently is crucial for sales executives, and URVA Connect helps with its TAT (Turnaround Time) feature. Keeping track of calls and recording them is also made easy with call logs and recording options.

Managing multiple conversations at once can be challenging, but URVA Connect makes it easier with its ability to manage multiple conversations and media sharing feature to share images and videos of properties in real time.

Overall, URVA Connect is a powerful tool that streamlines communication and improves productivity for sales executives in the real estate industry. With all communication channels under one roof, institutional memory, and features to stay organized, responsive, and effective in your role, it’s the solution you’ve been looking for to replace traditional WhatsApp CRM systems. Say goodbye to managing multiple communication channels, lack of institutional memory, and difficulties in escalating important conversations or responding to clients quickly. URVA Connect has got you covered.