Story Behind URVA’s Name

URVA looks back on its transformative journey from the former identity, Feetport, to its current powerful brand. Beyond just a name change, URVA signifies our grand vision and limitless aspirations.

The inspiration behind URVA came from a profound moment in the life of our Founder and CEO, Saraansh Tandon. During a meditative session while chanting the Mahamritunjay mantra, the word ‘URVArukumev’ resonated with him, symbolizing our transformation into something greater. This rebranding not only reflects the dreams we’ve dared to dream but also the challenges we’ve conquered. The previous foot logo symbolized our humble beginnings, while URVA signifies our evolution into a force to be reckoned with.

Saraansh Tandon, the heart and soul behind URVA, shared, “Back in those days, I was in search of a name, and the inspiration to rebrand Feetport into URVA struck me while chanting the Mahamritunjay mantra. The word ‘URVArukumev’ from the mantra resonated with me, and at that moment, it clicked – this is exactly what we wanted to represent.”

About URVA:

URVA stands as the game-changer in field operations. Our field force app provides real-time updates, boosting productivity by over 35%. Trusted by industry leaders such as ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Indraprastha Gas Ltd. & Jaquar Bath Fitting, URVA has proven to be an exceptional partner.
Explore URVA Solutions for Your Field:

  • Sales Force: Complete insights for Sales Managers, Lead Gen Teams, and Business Heads.
  • Service Management: Streamline operations for Field Service Teams and Technicians.
  • Relationship Management: Control customer-facing channels with 100% call recordings for Relationship Managers and Customer Success Teams.
  • Verification & Inspection: Enhance productivity and transparency for Verification Teams and Agency Management.

Our Promise:

At URVA, we embrace the power of evolution and the beauty of change. As we’ve grown, our dreams expanded, but our commitment remains the same – to innovate, serve, and make a difference.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, URVA is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in field operations. We plan to expand our suite of solutions, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence to provide even more robust and predictive insights for our clients. Additionally, we aim to strengthen our global presence, forging new partnerships and collaborations to extend the benefits of URVA to businesses worldwide. Our vision includes continuous research and development, ensuring that URVA remains the go-to solution for those seeking excellence in field force management.