URVA for NGO, Hospitals and Not-for-profit Organizations

In March 2020 the pandemic put a hold on everything. Ever since then, the world has seen a lot of changes. Corporates have started operating remotely and this created a spike in demand for the remote field operations & their respective software. As a result of the Covid-19  pandemic, several organizations and people have come together to help each other by distributing food, oxygen cylinders and setting up COVID care centres across the country.

Competent Groove has decided to offer its cutting-edge software solutions to the front line workers, as a part of our Covid-Care Initiative. They are offering their FeetPort Platform Free for the Brave Corona Warriors, NGOs and other Not-for-Profit Organisations.

FeetPort will provide seamless workflow management and advanced features like

  1. Selfie Attendance for health care workers and staff.
  2. Entry and Exit form for patients.
  3. Broadcast Notifications to all Nurses and Staff.
  4. View and share Patient Reports with their loved ones.
  5. Ambulance drivers/Nurses can fill out the expenses for petrol, lunch in real-time.
  6. Track the Ambulance and the Driver.
  7. Share reports internally within different departments for quick response.
  8. One-Touch Access to the Patient History and ongoing tasks on the go.

On any other day, these features will cost an organization up to INR 20,000/month but considering the gravity of the ongoing situation, the platform will be available for Free for up to 6 months. Real-time monitoring and digitized operations have been proven to increase the efficiency of organizations by a minimum of 35%. And this will also solve the problems of several families who till now are totally dependent on physical reports and visits for keeping a check on their loved ones. FeetPort is really looking forward to contributing its share to helping organizations and for the betterment of humankind.

Click Here https://youtu.be/kKTz9iRgu6Y

For more details, please reach out to nonprofit@feetport.com

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