URVA Software Enters Real Estate with Indo-Japanese JV 

URVA, known for its innovative field force automation solutions, has teamed up with Krisumi, the first Indo-Japanese joint venture in real estate. Their goal is to revolutionize the industry by offering transparent, seamless experiences for customers and employees through technology. This collaboration introduces dynamic, value-driven solutions to address key challenges in the sector.

Presenting Next-Generation Solutions

URVA is set to bring a new era of efficiency and security to real estate management. By focusing on collaborative value and leveraging advanced technology, URVA and Krisumi are poised to introduce groundbreaking solutions that set new standards in the industry.

One of the primary focuses of this collaboration is enhancing the customer and employee experience in the sector. Traditional arrangements in this sector have regularly fallen short, lacking in security measures & transparency in transactions. URVA and Krisumi are committed to addressing these deficiencies by providing fraud prevention measures, real-time tracking of sales, and upgraded communication tracking capabilities.

“We are excited to partner with Krisumi Corporation to revolutionize the real estate industry,” said Saraansh Tandon, CEO of URVA. “Our collaborative approach and value-driven solutions will bring much-needed help to real estate companies, offering unparalleled security, efficiency, and visibility.”

The partnership between URVA and Krisumi comes at a critical time when real estate companies are facing increasing challenges related to fraud, theft, and inefficient management systems. By combining URVA’s expertise in field force automation with real estate industry knowledge, the collaboration is set to redefine the way real estate companies operate.

Looking ahead, URVA and Krisumi together are committed to spearheading positive change in the industry and establishing modern standards of excellence together.

As the saying goes, “Navigating the real estate market without transparency and real-time insights is like sailing a ship without a compass through foggy waters – you might eventually reach your destination, but the journey is fraught with uncertainty and risk.”

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