Aadhaar eKYC is gone! Now Verify Your Customers Easily with FeetPort

In a major development, the Supreme Court gave its verdict against the use of Aadhaar card for authentication purposes. As a result of the verdict, private organizations like telecom operators and banks cannot use Aadhaar for instantaneous eKYC. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has asked the companies to come forward with a plan for stopping the usage of the 12-digit unique ID number in the coming 15 days.

Due to this, the industry will now have to again adopt the earlier legacy paper-based techniques that required physical paper forms with the signature and photographs of a person. These would then be sent to the verification center and the company representative will have to cross-verify the details.

To overcome this problem, FeetPort provides a simple solution instead of Aadhaar eKYC which works on the mobile devices. It enables authentication to all type of organisations like Telecom, Insurance, Banking, Broadband Providers, Security Agencies, Public Distribution Systems, Ticket Booking Services, Digital Payments, Legal Firms, HR Companies, BFSI, Welfare Funds, Subsidy Schemes, Government Services, Retailer On-boarding, Tour & Travel Agencies, Hotels & Motel Providers, DTH Services, Gas Agencies, Educational institutions, Logistics Services, Electricity and Water Supply Providers, Survey Agencies, Payment Collection & Recovery Agencies, Verification Agencies and all those who need identity verification and authentication within their process.

Let’s see how FeetPort simplify and streamline the eKYC process.

  • Verification Hard copy format is converted in a digital format in FeetPort.

  • The details of  customer who has applied for a service are uploaded through FeetPort web console.

  • This data is allocated to company representative for verification in Feetport mobile app.
  • Company representative visits the respective customer and starts the verification process. Visit location is captured in FeetPort for authentication.

  • Company representative can manually enter the customer information . The Company representative can also make use of OCR code and QR code facility in FeetPort. This scan the customer information which automatically entered  in application form.


  • Customer documents are verified and their photos are captured in Feetport. Customer signatures can also be taken as an authentication proof.

  • After this, a digital Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) will be created and sent to the web user for verification.

The above-highlighted features of the FeetPort application simplify the whole process of eKYC. FeetPort is a fast, accurate and simple application that allows cross verification of data. With FeetPort, you do not have to worry about your data as all the information is encrypted. It has a 2-level authentication system for all users that ensures user data protection and privacy.