How do I location enable my business?

With every business eyeing global reach and domination, it has never been more important to deploy business process analytics which are location aware. When businesses expand beyond their home geography, they need to be monitored better, analysed better and reported a lot better.

This may not have been possible 10 years ago. But since the transformation of the smartphone, which has become smarter than ever, it becomes a lot easier to execute location aware tools. Say, you have a field team for sales and you’d like to know, who goes where, when do they go and who do they meet?

All you need to do is, 2 things.

1. Ensure or provide a smartphone to your field sales team
2. Enable internet connectivity on the smartphone

With an app like FeetPort, you get several options to kickstart location awareness for the minutest of business processes. Let’s show you a few.


When your field teams meet people or visit places, it is primordial to know where they met, whoever they have claimed, to meet. Geotagging is the answer to all the WHERE questions for your business. With a geotag, you can store and access the exact latitude and longitude of a place and also view an approximate address of the given place.


Check-in is a subset really, to geotagging but the addition of a check-in to any process can add tremendous value. A check-in enables a business owner to ensure capturing of a location, before the submission of any report from the field team. It acts as a double check – almost like an entry ticket!


Tracking of location for a team is one of the most powerful features which can provide faster, authentic and improved availability of organisational teams to customers and clients. Everyday, people use shared taxi/cabs which are empowered by tracked vehicles so that the closest one can reach the nearest customer in the shortest time. The same applies to your business as well. If you know the field team member who is the closest to the customers location, you can easily take a decision and assign a task (automatically too!) to the nearest team member!


When location information about a certain field visit is captured, it provides us information about where the visit was done. We don’t have any clarity if the location visited was the correct one. To address this, geofencing becomes handy. In most cases, customers have an address to make a field team member visit or description of the surrounding area. Either of the information on the location area/address can be used to create a virtual fence for the field team member. This fence will not allow a field team member to fill a visit report from anywhere. He/she will have to be within the geofence to submit the visit report.


Now, once you have enabled location tracking and check-in etc. for your field team you have full knowledge about when the guy was busy in a meeting, when he was idle and when he was travelling. With this and more information, you can calculate detailed reports on the distance travelled by the field team member. This will help you create and process travel claims with tremendous accuracy.

FeetPort enables you to completely transform your field processes with hundreds of neat tweaks. These features of FeetPort have been created from the ground up on the premise of digitisation and automation. Visit this link to get started with FeetPort. Our teams will be more than happy to assist you on the journey to location awareness.

Contributed by Saraansh Tandon, Chief Energetic Officer of FeetPort