How to use sales force tracker to increase sales

Which manager doesn’t like to give their total effort to increase sales and service and take their business to the next level? But things get a little trickier when implementing ideas that once looked good in your head. Being a manager is much more than guiding people or updating records by day end. It’s about […]

RIP field staff briefing·Try URVA


URVA Sales Force Tracker (formerly known as FeetPort) gives you a powerful, highly customizable, mobile-friendly field sales platform in URVA. Running a field sales team in a business means managing numerous moving parts. Throughout the day, your employees complete dozens of tasks. As a manager, you might feel like it is nearly impossible to keep […]

Field Force Management Software Garners 2 Accolades

FeetPort has once again proved to be an effective field force management software after we received two accolades from CompareCamp, a popular directory for business software reviews. Garnering the Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2018 Award, FeetPort earned a positive 8.3 rating based on the comprehensive analysis of CompareCamp’s experts. For the CompareCamp […]

How do I location enable my business?

With every business eyeing global reach and domination, it has never been more important to deploy business process analytics which are location aware. When businesses expand beyond their home geography, they need to be monitored better, analysed better and reported a lot better. This may not have been possible 10 years ago. But since the […]