Partners with DigiLocker for alternative KYC method

Your Aadhaar Card will no longer be valid for eKYC processes per the latest ruling by the Supreme Court. As a consequence of the verdict, private organizations like telcos and banks are forced to propose a new e-KYC process. To provide a solution for this, FeetPort has come up with an alternative that will ease off the verification process. FeetPort has partnered with DigiLocker, which is the national Digital Locker System launched by Govt. of India.

DigiLocker enables Indian citizens to store their resident documents securely on the cloud. The purpose of the service is to reduce the need to carry the physical documents. It is a key initiative under Digital India aimed at transforming India into a total digitally empowered society. DigiLocker websites boasts of over 15.3 million registered users storing around 3.36 billion issued or searchable documents, 20.6 million uploaded, and 0.65 million eSigned docs. FeetPort has taken a new step in identity verification by integrating with DigiLocker in its digital forms. This will enable a person to showcase his identity proof documents to the company representative through the application itself.

Whenever a person applies for any new service be for a loan or a new credit card, the company representative will perform the verification process in which he verifies the person’s identity proof documents before providing him the services.

Here is how the verification process is done through DigiLocker on the FeetPort mobile & web platform:

• Firstly, the company representative will visit the person’s address whose verification needs to be done.

• He will ask for the person’s original identity proof documents.

• If the person doesn’t have all the documents with him, this is where the role of Digilocker will begin.

• The representative sends a request to share ID proof from the Digilocker application on FeetPort to the person’s mobile number or email id.

• Once the request is sent, the person will receive a link on his phone or email ID as a request to provide access to the necessary documents.

• By logging into DigiLocker, the person can view all his ID proofs and then approve the request for any one which will enable the company to access the required document for verification.


• A copy of the documents will be shared securely over the Government’s DigiLocker platform.

Earlier the organization representative had to visit the person’s actual address to perform the different verification processes like verifying the person’s identity proof documents, clicking the person’s photo, taking his signature etc. This was a time consuming process and more often than not a person did not have his identity proof documents in physical form. However, with DigiLocker this problem will be solved and the whole process will become quite easy and quick. No need to worry about the hassles of carrying your identity proof documents along with you. Just pop out your smartphone, open the FeetPort application and all your ID proof documents will be in front of you.

With technological advancements and digitization occurring at a rapid rate we are going to see a lot of new changes in the coming years. Also, with the slowdown of Aadhaar based e-KYC for private entities, these changes will be implemented quite thick and fast. The need of the hour is to come up with something that simplifies the different complexities that a person had to face during the verification process. With DigiLocker integration, FeetPort has taken a giant step towards streamlining and simplifying the whole eKYC process.