Field Force Management Software Garners 2 Accolades

FeetPort has once again proved to be an effective field force management software after we received two accolades from CompareCamp, a popular directory for business software reviews. Garnering the Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2018 Award, FeetPort earned a positive 8.3 rating based on the comprehensive analysis of CompareCamp’s experts.

For the CompareCamp B2B review team, FeetPort’s ease of use and features, which both scored an 8.4 rating based on their metrics, make it a suitable choice for businesses that are looking to effectively manage their field teams. “FeetPort is a feature-packed tool for managing your field team scattered across your operational geography,” stated the review team.

One of the key features highlighted by their experts include its capability to provide clear visibility on the whereabouts and areas visited by field teams. With this feature, you can map out your field teams, place timestamps, and take note of the distance travelled by each group or individual.

CompareCamp also commended FeetPort for enhancing one’s workflows through its follow-up tools for clients, automated task designation based on geographical location, individual or bulk uploading of Excel files, real-time updates for your field executives, and much more.

Visit CompareCamp to see their FeetPort review first-hand and try our field force management software today!