URVA & InfraSolve to Transform Field Service in Canada 

URVA InfraSolve partner for Field Service Management Software App in Canada

URVA, a leading Field Force App in India, has made roads into the Canadian market through a strategic partnership with InfraSolve, a Toronto-based enterprise providing innovative IT infrastructure and software development services.  Under the leadership of Suneet Arora, InfraSolve has earned a reputation for delivering a diverse portfolio of economically sustainable solutions. With a shared […]

Field Technician’s Essential Role


A field technician is a professional who performs tasks related to the maintenance, repair, and installation of equipment and machinery at customer locations. Field technicians are integral to field service businesses responsible for providing on-site services to customers in various industries, including HVAC, construction, telecommunications, and more. The role of a field technician is diverse […]

Top 6 Field service management challenges & Solution


No matter what business, challenges are there like a ticking bomb. One wrong move and everything goes south. From proper operations management to customer satisfaction, everything starts to fall apart. Your current challenges can include  But how you handle situations like these determines your success, and look for a way to create these as opportunities […]

Field service management software

My field technician is a superhero- He is always ON TIME to rescue our customers. Field service helps brands differentiate and remain competitive. Field service management is key to improving customer loyalty and trust, from repairs to preventative maintenance. It is essential to look at how organisations can make life easier for the field service […]

Transforming Mobile Wallet & NBFC businesses with FeetPort


In the era of the digital life, mobile wallets have revolutionized the way in which a common man makes payments. India came up with its own solution to solving cash spend, a problem which wasn’t solved with plastic cards but with an internet connected mobile device. A mobile wallet enables a person to store payment […]

How can I transform my field servicing business?

Servicing is the heart and soul of any product. Without it, customers don’t trust products and thereby don’t buy it. It becomes extremely important to have a servicing framework which is available, active and most importantly effective. FeetPort empowers any organisation to create end-to-end frameworks for the servicing process lifecycle of the customers. This can […]