FeetPort completes deep WhatsApp Integration for Automatic Updates

WhatsApp has become a preferred mode of everyday communication for millions of people. People have adopted the messaging chat app in their lives for personal and professional communication. Keeping up with changing preferences and habits, our customers had been asking us to include WhatsApp as a communication channel. This would allow them to receive rich updates about their business directly in the app.

After much waiting, we have completed the integration of WhatsApp inside FeetPort. Now the managers in any organisation can now receive notifications about their field staff directly on their favourite messaging platform – WhatsApp.

Few of the communication types are:

– Attendance Notifications from Field Team

– Expense Notifications from Field Team

– Purchase Order & Quotation Updates by Sales Team

– Location Updates from Team

– Survey Updates on WhatsApp

– Sales Updates on WhatsApp

– Audit Updates on WhatsApp

– Data Collection Updates on WhatsApp

– Verification Updates on WhatsApp

– KYC Updates on WhatsApp

– Inspection Updates on WhatsApp