SBI and URVA shook hands: A Step towards Digital Transformation!

URVA, a leading name in field management solutions, is thrilled to associate with the esteemed State Bank of India (SBI) as part of its transformative ‘Pratham’ initiative.

In the ever-evolving world of finance, SBI isn’t just a bank; it’s a trusted companion in people’s financial journeys. With a heartwarming blend of tradition and innovation, SBI is embracing a digital transformation. Their goal? To make banking not just a task but a delightful experience, tailored to every individual. Imagine a future where managing your finances feels as warm and personal as a conversation with an old friend. That’s the vision URVA & SBI is painting—a future where technology and humanity join forces to create financial solutions that truly understand and care for you.

SBI has trusted URVA in its Digital Transformation journey, With URVA, SBI is all set for better customer relationships, super tight security for your data, and Scams in the Banking Industry will simply be a thing of the past! We have got SBI covered, ensuring a future filled with trust, security, and seamless banking experiences!

This collaboration solidifies URVA’s position as a leader in the field of digitized Field management solutions, and the company remains dedicated to providing invaluable support to its clients and partners.

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