How FeetPort can help Healthcare Industry and NGOs

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on the world, costing lives and bringing upheaval & change to societies and economies around the globe. As we know, some jobs are riskier than others. Due to the prevailing conditions, millions of healthcare workers providing medical care to patients, including nurses, doctors, etc., which exposes them to the infection. There are several problems faced by these in-field workers and helping organizations.

Some of the challenges faced by the hospital staffs and frontline workers are:

  1. The forms filed by the patient or patient’s family can spread infection in the hospital.
  2. No reports of the in-field healthcare practitioners are available in real-time for non-government organisations.
  3. Unable to track the worker’s expenses.
  4. Unable to track the location and whereabouts of the staff.
  5. The medical reports shared with the patient’s family in person leads to higher chances of getting an infection.
  6. Unable to track the ambulance in real-time.
  7. Getting a response from different departments is very time-consuming.
  8. It becomes difficult to share important documents in case of urgency. 

FeetPort can help the hospital staff and the non-profit organisations to overcome these challenges by providing the following services mentioned below:

  1. Our Mobile Selfie Attendance solution can verify the staff’s and in-field worker’s face with the stored image in the backend. Along with the location and time, it guarantees the employee’s presence and their whereabouts. Hence, there will be no reliability issues.
  2. Our Digital forms can be used as the entry and exit forms for the patients instead of the manual form, thus reducing the risk of getting an infection. It makes it easier to search for information and can be accessed anytime. 
  3. The NGO workers can use the digital reports in offline mode, in case there’s no internet available.
  4. Our Tracking system can track the ambulance and the driver, which leads to fewer calls to drivers and ensures its reliability. Also, it can be used by the NGO field workers to know about their whereabouts.
  5. Our Digital Reports can be used instead of the physical medical prescription to get a quick response from different departments or to share across the departments.
  6. Expense management can manage the expenses such as petrol, lunch, or travel in real-time, ensuring that there are no unnecessary expenditures done.

FeetPort can share the updates with the hospital staff and doctors altogether through Broadcast Messages. As it is difficult to share information and updates with the staff individually and manually.

As we know, a wide area of factors influences a community’s health. Digital technologies and Software Solutions can help a lot in the on-going scenario. As a part of our Covid-Care Initiative, the Competent Groove has decided to offer FeetPort free for up to 6 months to the frontline workers, NGOs and hospitals, contributing its share for the betterment of humankind. 

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